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Serving You in the Bath and Kingston Area

With a continuing wave of tech support coming to real estate, Realtors need to ask themselves one important question: “Is my technology useful in
boosting the existing home buying and selling processes, or is it aimed at solely replacing the role of the real estate salesperson?”
Dan Weisman, the director of emerging technology in the Strategic Business, Innovation & Technology group at the National Association of Realtors (NAR) recently stated,

“The broker and agent will continue to exist in this tech-enabled ecosystem because, unlike ordering something online that you can return, buying a house is a significant financial and emotional commitment and can’t be returned. Buyers and sellers need the human support and reassurance, and what technology will continue to help with is improved process and increased efficiencies so brokers and agents can continue to be at the centre of the experience.”

Buying and selling a home is complicated, so there’s no one catch-all technology solution that can solve every potential snag in the process. It’s also a deeply emotional and personal process and likely the largest single investment any individual is going to make. It’s clear that people want to rely on experts to guide them through the process.
The best technology solutions are those that facilitate a transaction versus attempting to replace the emotional components of buying and selling a home. Realtors that succeed, rely on human interaction to support the insights created by technology.
At VILLAGE LIFESTYLE, it is important to us, that as we work together, whether you are a Seller or a Buyer, the choices you make, are the right choices for you.
– Ted

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